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Thomas Lake Cleaners

Professionally processed clothes delivered to your work location in three business days.

How it works:

  • Download and complete initial order form. 
  • Pick up a laundry bag at your location’s drop-off/pick-up location.
  • Place the completed order form and clothes in bag and drop off at your location.  
  • Within 24 hours of pick-up, you receive an email from Thomas Lake Cleaners ( with total charge and delivery date. 
  • After delivery, you receive email delivery confirmation with invoice total.  
  • To pay charges, call Thomas Lake Cleaners Delivery Service at 651.802.4135 with credit / debit card information. 

To make placing future orders even easier, you will receive two personalized laundry bags with your first delivery. No more order forms to complete.  Just place clothes in your personalized bag and drop at your location before next free pick-up date.

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Want to talk live?  Call us 651.802.4135; Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.